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Cabsy Holding Ltd. has been operating the international brand
‘500Investments.com’ since 2019.

In order to make trading more accessible, we have allocated the best possible resources to be able to promise stability and safety for our clients, in a secure financial environment. Our top-notch technological solutions guarantee not just the security of their funds, under the framework of the strictest business ethics, but also one of the best fintech platforms currently available in the market.

Cabsy Holdings Ltd

Our Team



Our dedicated team of professionals has contributed endless hours to perfecting the process, each one with different expertise in the financial sector. These analyzers, brokers, and tech specialists brought their specific angle and uncompromisable knowledge to the table. All of that wisdom was accumulated in order to make sure our clients receive the most complete access and the ability to trade on a variety of different financial instruments, in the best market conditions, and in a secure environment.

Thanks to years of research, our team was able to present and offer the ultimate trading platform. It’s not just the intuitive user interfaces and the smooth operation, it’s also the fact that our customers enjoy the guarantee of liquidity and securities to each and every one of their financial actions. This groundbreaking step goes hand in hand with complete transparency and a state-of-the-art education center available for every client upon registration.

Our dedicated support team is available via different communication channels, including phone, email, and onsite live chat. We want to make sure that every question our clients may have is answered with the highest level of professionalism they deserve. We also keep in mind that there are cases of more personal issues, so we are also there for them within one business day if they leave their details and any special request they may have.