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Cabsy Holdings Ltd

About 500Investments

As a well-known service provider in the financial sector, at 500Investments we offer a wide range of financial instruments. Our unique platform enables users around the world to invest in thousands of different global assets - forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and more.

Our encryption technology meets the standards set by the international banking system, which ensure complete security and privacy, 24/7. We use segregated bank accounts to further protect traders’ funds, and under no circumstances will we share your personal information with any third party. Our ‘no hidden fee’ guarantee, along with our quick mechanism of withdrawals and deposits are what makes us stand out from the rest.

Our Vision

Our primary goal has always been enabling our clients to fulfill their true trading potential, and we use the most cutting-edge technologies to reach it time and again. Mutual trust between us and our users is at the base of our existence, along with an everlasting attempt to improve our features and services, for the most optimal trading experience available. Innovation, transparency, and growth are what we operate by.

Cabsy Holdings Ltd

Why Choose Us

We offer a ‘zero-disturbance’ trading experience in thousands of top assets - whether it’s forex, stocks, commodities, indices or anything else. We guarantee you trading experience on our next-generation platform, whether from mobile, tablet or desktop, is commission-free and will stay that way. Our 24/6 support and live expert assistance cannot be competed with. By choosing to trade with us, you get:

Full access to our next-generation trading platform

Competitive spreads, high returns, and speedy execution

Accurate graphs and analysis tools to ensure optimal trading and profit

Secure operations on desktop, mobile, and tablet

We’re There for You

All of our traders, with no exception, enjoy professional and courteous customer care for a flawless and enjoyable trading experience. Our employees are multilingual and service-oriented, with years of experience with our systems and the markets. We can be reached via several different channels.